N.M. Cattlegrowers' Association

Voice of the beef industry in New Mexico since 1914. Members in 32 counties and 19 states, representing cattlemen from the Roundhouse in Santa Fe to the halls of Congress. Wherever the arena - regulatory, statutory or the courts - NMCGA is there.


Advancing and protecting the cattle industry of New Mexico, working toward solutions for cattle industry problems, & providing an official and united voice on issues of importance to the cattle producers and feeders.


Advancing & protecting the cattle industry of New Mexico; promoting the well being of the industry; creating & maintaining an economic climate, providing members of the Association opportunity to obtain optimum return on their investment.
Photo by Connie Mitchell at Singleton Ranches


The NMCGA, established in 1914 to assist livestock producers in the state of New Mexico, has worked faithfully to ensure their rights are protected over its 100 year history. That tradition continues today with members in 20 states and all 33 New Mexico counties.
Photo by Connie Mitchell at Singleton Ranches


Cattlemen’s College, New Mexico State University Short Course, Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee, & the Jr. Cattle Growers’ Association are some of the activities the NMCGA is involved with & supports emerging industry leaders.

Cattle Growers/Purina Mills’ Scholarship Deadline Approaching

November 1, 2016, is the deadline to apply for the annual scholarships awarded by Purina Mills and the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association’s (NMCGA’s) Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee (YCLC).

“We are pleased to be able to offer these scholarships once again, and appreciate Purina Mills and our Allied Industries Committee making it possible,” said Pat Boone, NMCGA President, Elida.  “We have some great young people in New Mexico agriculture, and want help them as much as possible as they look to the future.” 

The $1,000 Purina Mills scholarship will be awarded to a New Mexico student who is a member of the NMCGA, the New Mexico Junior Cattle Growers Association, or the child of an NMCGA member.  Graduating high school seniors, and college freshmen, sophomores and juniors in good academic standing are eligible to apply for the award.  In addition, the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee and the Allied Industries Committee will also be presenting two $500 scholarships – one to a high school senior and one to a continuing college student – at this same time.

“College can be very expensive for students and their families.  We are pleased to be able to offer these scholarships and encourage all eligible students to apply,” Boone said.  “We want to help NMCGA members and their families continue their education and hopefully return to the agriculture business.”

The three scholarships will be presented to the top three applicants during the Joint Stockmen’s Convention slated for December 1 through December 4, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque.

For more information please contact the NMCGA office at 505.247.0584 or via email at nmcga@nmagriculture.org

Download Application here.


Resources & Forms

   Showmanship Contest Form      NM Breeders Classic      Purina Mills Scholarship Form   

  • Two-stepping at the Joint Stockmen's Convention

    Was love in the air? The Richardson and Perry kids seem to think so at the 2015 Joint Stockmen's Convention.
  • Ringside

  • Showmanship Winners

  • Showmanship Winners

  • The Future is in Good Hands

  • Showin' 'em how its done ...

    The Sauble and Perry family's are starting out life right dancing at the 2015 JRC Awards Dinner.
  • Showing a Prize Heifer

  • Young Ranchers Contemplating

  • Natalie Communes with the Herd

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The Annual Directory of New Mexico Agriculture

The New Mexico Cattle Grower’s Association has strict policies on the release of contact information for its membership. While the New Mexico Stockman Magazine publishes a Directory issue every July, you are ONLY listed in it IF you fill out the form for your FREE LISTING in the magazine.

You MUST RENEW your free listing in 2016 if you want it to run.


 Our Vision

THE GOAL OF BEEF INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT OF NEW MEXICO To increase and enhance marketing opportunities in the beef industry. Participating members include industry people, state agencies, and friends of the industry.

Our Industry

OVER 7,500 NEW MEXICO FAMILIES RAISE CATTLE Sales of cattle contribute nearly $1 billion to New Mexico’s economy, and ranching supports a number of supporting industries, making it a cornerstone of rural economies. Raising healthy cattle and caring for the land they graze is part of our heritage and we are dedicated to the processes and practices that will ensure that it is an integral part of our future. “Through collaboration within the industry and beyond, producers can steward the land, care for their livestock, provide healthy, safe beef for their citizens, and support their families and rural communities.


  • Alisa Ogden - 2015 Cattleman of the Year

    Alisa herself noted in one of the countless speeches she delivers across the country, “Many days we wonder if we are gaining ground in our quest to improve the rangeland. As we drive and ride across the pasture, the list of ‘to do’ projects is far greater than the ‘got done’ list. Although our ranch is small, my son is the sixth generation to have a hand in it. My hope is that someday, he will want to continue the legacy of his family.”
  • Woods Houghton - 2015 Bruce & Alice King Service Memorial Award

    Eddy County Cooperative Extension Agent Woods Houghton received the Bruce and Alice King Service Award from Jose Varela Lopez.
  • Farm Credit - 2015 Ayundando Siempre Alli Award Winner

    (l to r) NMCGA President Jose Varela Lopez; Farm Credit leadership Shacey Sullivan; Beverly Gabaldon; Al Porter, CEO; Larry Williamson, Price Carter and Mitch Selking
  • Bill King Family – 2015 Ranch Family of the Year

    Back row: Josh Caldes, Jenny Caldes, Anthony Thompson, Stacy King, Lance​ Pennington, D'Nette Wood, Bill King, Abby Spindle, Tom Spindle, Becky King-Spindle, Jordan Spindle, Brendan Lockmiller. Front: Lincoln Caldes, Charli Spindle, Cash Spindle.
  • Shelly Hathorn - 2015 Cowbelle of the Year Award

    CowBelle President Anita Hand presented the CowBelle of the Year Award to Shelly Hathorn. Hathorn has long been the driving force for the Beef Ambassador Contest. New Mexico has one of the five National Beef Ambassadors again this year.
  • Otero Cowbelles - 2015 Top Volunteer Cowbelle Award Winner

    2016 CowBelle President Anita Hand presented the Top Volunteer Award to the Otero County CowBelles (l to r) Barbara Wagner, Anita Hand, Jean Lee, and Estelle Bond.
  • Christmas Shopping at 2015 Joint Stockmen's Convention, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Happy Cowboy Christmas shoppers (l to r) Bill and Carol Alexander, Hillsboro, and Becky and Brad Christmas, Wagon Mound.
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  • King Memorial
  • Eppers Memorial
  • Ayudando
  • Ranch Family
  • COY

YCLC Scholarship

  • Hayden Randall, Taos
  • Kylie Daugherty, Fort Sumner
  • Kacy Drummond, Reserve
  • YCLC Showmanship

  • Amy Gardner, La Mesa
  • Kindal Smith, Logan and Kenzie Bequette, Fort Sumner
  • Past Bruce & Alice King Service Memorial Award Winners

  • 2009, Chuck Stocks, Albuquerque
  • 2010, Frank DuBois, Las Cruces
  • 2011, Linda Davis, Cimarron
  • 2012, Timothy Jennings, Roswell
  • 2012, Andy Nunez, Hatch
  • 2013, David Abbey, Santa Fe
  • 2014, New Mexico Department of Agriculture
  • 2015, Woods Houghton, Carlsbad
  • Past Bud Eppers Memorial “Bud’s Contract” Award Winners

  • 2001 Frank DuBois, Las Cruces
  • 2002 John Fowler, Ph.D. Las Cruces
  • 2003 Howard Hutchinson Glenwood
  • 2004 Ron White, Monticello
  • 2005 Caren Cowan, Albuquerque
  • 2006 Karen Budd-Falen, Cheyenne, WY
  • 2007 Chris Allison, Mesilla Park
  • 2008 Mike Casabonne, Hope
  • 2009 Lewis Derrick, Artesia
  • 2010 Alice Eppers, Roswell
  • 2011 Nick Ashcroft, Las Cruces
  • 2012 Dr. Jerry Schickedanz, Las Cruces
  • 2013 Dr. Sam Smallidge, Las Cruces
  • 2014 Laura Schneberger, Winston
  • 2015 Les Owens, Las Cruces
  • Past Ayudando Siempre Alli Award Winners

  • 1994, Governor Bruce & Mrs. Alice King, Stanley
  • 1995, Huling “Jupe” Means, Buckhorn
  • 1996, G. B. Oliver, III, Alamoogordo
  • 1997, George Clark, Albuquerque
  • 1998, G. X. McSherry, Deming
  • 1999, Howard Hutchinson, Santa Fe
  • 2000, Rachel Thomas, Huachua City, AZ
  • 2001, Dr. Steve England, Edgewood
  • 2002, Joan Park, Capitan
  • 2003, Karen Budd-Falen, Cheyenne, WY
  • 2004, Chuck Stocks, Albuquerque
  • 2005, Joe Delk, Mesilla
  • 2006, Joe Stell, Carlsbad
  • 2007, Laurie Schneberger, Winston
  • 2008, Tim Cox, Bloomfield
  • 2009, Jeff Witte, Las Cruces
  • 2010, Larry Dominguez, Las Cruces
  • 2011, Andrea Buzzard, Santa Fe
  • 2012, Clint Harden, Clovis
  • 2013, Dennis Bridgers, Rio Rancho
  • 2014, New Mexico Cowbelles
  • 2015, Farm Credit of New Mexico
  • Past Ranch Families of the Year

  • 2000, Tequesquite Ranch, Albert, NM
  • 2001, T4 Ranch, Tucumcari, NM
  • 2002, Bell Ranch Bell Ranch, NM
  • 2003, Lee Ross Hammond Family, Clovis, NM
  • 2004, Singleton, Elida, NM
  • 2005, The Wilson Family, Carrizozo, NM
  • 2006, The Grau Family, Grady, NM
  • 2007, The Chacon Family, Espanola, NM
  • 2008, The Copeland Family, Nara Vista, NM
  • 2009, Bob Frost Family, San Jon, N
  • 2010, Joe Delk Family, Mesilla Park, NM
  • 2011, Milford Denteclaw Family, Shiprock, NM
  • 2015, Bill King Family, Stanley
  • Past Cattleman of the Year Winners

  • 1952, George Ellis, Bell Ranch
  • 1953, George Cureton, Lordsburg
  • 1954, Prof. John Knox, University Park
  • 1955, J.L. Doak, Grenville
  • 1956, Mrs. Linda Lambert, Mosquero
  • 1957, A.B. Cox, Las Cruces
  • 1958, A.D. Brownfield, Deming
  • 1959, George A. Godfrey, Animas
  • 1960, Lee R. Hammond, Clovis
  • 1961, G.W. Evans, Magdalena
  • 1962, Lee S. Evans, Laguna
  • 1963, Albert K. Mitchell, Albert
  • 1964, Marshall Sellman, Albuquerque
  • 1965, Floyd W. Lee, San Mateo
  • 1966, J.C. Neafus, Newkirk
  • 1967, Joe Pankey, Truth or Consequences
  • 1968, Alvin M. Stockton, Raton
  • 1969, Sherwood Culberson, Lordsburg
  • 1970, Noel Rankin, Silver City
  • 1971, W.O. Culbertson, Jr., Las Vegas
  • 1972, George Pendleton, Animas
  • 1973, R.E. Pankey, Truth or Consequences
  • 1974, Fred Daugherty, Clovis
  • 1975, Bill Littrell, Cimarron
  • 1976, J.L. Les Davis, Cimarron
  • 1977, Jasper Koontz, Corrales
  • 1978, Ike Wiggins, Wagon Mound
  • 1979, Jerry Clayton, Lovington
  • 1980, A.F. (Frank) Flint, Bard
  • 1981, Charlie T. Lee, Alamogordo
  • 1982, Von Cain, Mountainair
  • 1983, Dick Snyder, Clayton
  • 1984, Jiggs Dinwiddie, Jal
  • 1984, Tom Lineberry, Kermit, Texas
  • 1985, Edith Pankey, Truth or Consequences
  • 1986, Bob Jones, Crow Flat
  • 1987, Phillip Bidegain, Tucumcari
  • 1988, H.W. (Bud) Eppers, Roswell
  • 1989, Don Hofman, Tucumcari
  • 1990, Linda Davis, Cimarron
  • 1991, Peter T. Mocho, Belen
  • 1992, Felicia Thal, Buena Vista
  • 1993, F.F. (Chano) & Stella Montoya, La Plata
  • 1994, Ben & Jane Cain, Truth or Consequences
  • 1995, Frank Dubois, Las Cruces
  • 1996, Huling Jupe Means, Buckhorn
  • 1997, Rob Cox, Organ
  • 1998, William Humphries, Lindrith
  • 1999, Rusty Tinnin, Bell Ranch
  • 2000, Oliver (Sato)Lee, Mountainair
  • 2001, Bob & Jane Frost, San Jon
  • 2002, Don Cullum, Bakersfield, CA
  • 2003, R.C. (Dick) Manning, Deming
  • 2004, Joe & Vivian Culbertson, Amistad
  • 2005, Jimmy R. Bason, Hillsboro
  • 2006, Phil H. Bidegan, Tucumcari
  • 2007, Gretchen Sammis, Cimarron
  • 2008, Don L Bebo Lee, Alamogordo
  • 2009, Wesley Grau, Grady
  • 2010, Bill King, Stanley
  • 2011, Bob Rickelfs, Cimarron
  • 2012, Bill Sauble, Maxwell
  • 2013, Sterling Spencer, Carrizozo
  • 2014, Alisa Ogden, Loving
  • 2015, Bert Ancell, Wagon Mound